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The Van Der Veer Family in the Netherlands: 1150 to 1660 and 1280 to 1780
The Van Der Veer Family in the Netherlands: 1150 to 1660 and 1280 to 1780. De Boer, Louis P.. Brooklyn, NY. (1913)

DeBoer, L.P. (1913). The Van Der Veer Family in the Netherlands: 1150 to 1660 and 1280 to 1780. Brooklyn, NY: Ditmas, C.A.. From the Quintin Publications Collection.
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Dutch Genealogy Search

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Background: The Dutch United Provinces declared their independence from Spain in 1579; during the 17th century, they became a leading seafaring and commercial power, with settlements and colonies around the world. After a 20-year French occupation, a Kingdom of the Netherlands was formed in 1815. In 1830 Belgium seceded and formed a separate kingdom. The Netherlands remained neutral in World War I, but suffered invasion and occupation by Germany in World War II. A modern, industrialized nation, the Netherlands is also a large exporter of agricultural products. The country was a founding member of NATO and the EEC (now the EU), and participated in the introduction of the euro in 1999.

Search Netherlands Ancestry

History: The Dutch people (Dutch: Nederlanders (helpĀ·info)) are an ethnic group forming the majority of the population in the Netherlands. Historically the Dutch chiefly lived in the Low Countries and Northern France but since the 12th century have migrated all over the world.

sThey predominantly descend from various Germanic tribes, and speak Dutch, a Germanic language. [from Wikipedia]

Population: 16,570,613 (July 2007 est.)

Age structure: 0-14 years: 17.8% (male 1,505,931/female 1,436,532)
15-64 years: 67.8% (male 5,683,877/female 5,557,745)
65 years and over: 14.4% (male 1,015,731/female 1,370,797) (2007 est.)

Religions: Roman Catholic 31%, Dutch Reformed 13%, Calvinist 7%, Muslim 5.5%, other 2.5%, none 41% (2002)

Nationality: noun: Dutchman(men), Dutchwoman(women)
adjective: Dutch

Ethnic groups: Dutch 83%, other 17% (of which 9% are non-Western origin mainly Turks, Moroccans, Antilleans, Surinamese, and Indonesians) (1999 est.)

Dutch Genealogy Search Info: This search engine currently searches 280 websites related to doing genealogy on Dutch Ancestry.

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